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Discover the Possibilities of Storytelling

Pirates in Pajamas grew out of the universal bedtime cry of "Tell me a story!"

“Once upon a time there were three children named Pop, Fizz, and Whattalatta. They were rather extraordinary children who lived rather ordinary lives. They all longed for a real adventure but none of them ever spoke it aloud until one day Whattalatta made a most superb suggestion, “Let’s be pirates.”

“Pirates! We’ll all be pirates from now on.” Fizz chimed. “Children never have adventures, but pirates? Pirates have nothing but adventures!”

And so it was decided…

“Pirates?” said their mother with shock and dismay.

“Pirates?” said their father with amusement and disbelief.

“Yes, pirates.” they said. “We’ll have to leave you of course, but we’ll come back and visit.”

“Leave? You’re barely seven.”

“It doesn’t matter how old you are when you’re a pirate.”

And though their parents begged and bribed, Pop, Fizz and Whattalatta would not change their minds.

That is how our adventure began. Children’s faces illuminated by candle light, eyes dancing and laughing at the images whirling in their minds – images of pirates, of adventure, falling under the spell of their mother’s voice, wrapped in blankets and the arms of their Dad. When the story ended, the candlelight flickered, and then with a gentle breath, was extinguished. The three voices of my children protested, “You can’t stop there!” “We want more.” “Can’t we listen just a little longer?”

Maintaining the suspense, I told them when the next installment of Pirates in Pajamas would be coming. They started to count on their fingers how many days it would take 'till they could hear more of the story, and their eyes shined with anticipation.

I thought through the past few days, considering how many other times I had held their attention – their whole attention like I did just then, and for that long. None. It occurred to me that this moment, this storytelling time, was the perfect opportunity to share my heart with my children, my beliefs, and my love for them, all in the golden threads of this adventure story.

When you tell a bedtime story - or, even better, a series of bedtime stories - that reflect your children and your family, you open a treasure chest that will create memories for a lifetime.

The value of telling stories to your children and grandchildren is unquestionable. Stories have unprecedented power for good in the home. But how, in this busy world, with over-scheduled days, can parents, grandparents and others find time to create imaginative stories for the children they love?

This question is what formed the vision behind Pirates in Pajamas.  The Pirates in Pajamas website was established as a growing resource for parents, grandparents, teachers, or anyone else who wants to create their own brand of bedtime (or anytime) stories. Does that sound daunting? Be brave, me hearties! With the tools, tips, and techniques on this site, you'll find it easier than you ever imagined.

Explore our pages, bookmark the site, come back often, and USE the information and resources available.
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